CROM - A Brief History

CROM was born C.R.O.M. back in the early 90's by Connecticut resident Carl Frederick. It was started as a print magazine/fanzine with the intent on spreading the word of heavy metal at a time when metal seemed destined to be devoured by the grunge movement. Sadly, C.R.O.M. only lasted five issues, nearly only locally distributed. However, there is the rare fan that has collected them all from around the world.  In 1997, C.R.O.M. issued what was supposed to be an annual compilation  CD series called "The Resurrection of True Metal, Vol. I." The debut edition was the very first United States release of any kind for bands like Rhapsody (n/k/a Rhapsody of Fire) and Angra. It was a proud achievement, but at the time the process of creating it was marred by production difficulties and delays and when issued, left creator/owner Carl Frederick broke and disillusioned. C.R.O.M. was put to rest just after the CD release and with it came 10 years near silence. Over that period, Carl attempted a return for C.R.O.M. as a website under various new names like Blazing Metal. It wasn't until 2011 when Carl was lured back into music journalism by the person who basically introduced him to metal back in the mid-late 80's - Victoria Willis, who had a metal radio show on the college radio station WNHU (University of New Haven). Carl joined Metal's staff as CROMCarl (the name an obvious ode to C.R.O.M.) and over the next six years produced over 10,000 contributions to the site. Shortly after joining Metal, Carl honed his concert photography skills and created Blazing Metal Photography (the name an ode to the failed reboot of C.R.O.M. as "Blazing Metal" in the early 2000's). Since 2011, Blazing Metal Photography has amassed nearly 15,000 followers on its Facebook site and Car has shot over 300 bands, covering such prestigious festivals as ProgPower USA (since 2012, and from 2013-present Carl has been a band sponsor for the festival) and 70,000 Tons of Metal (2013-2016 for Metal and 2017-2018 for Metal Storm). In late 2017, Carl left Metal and shortly after decided that this wasn't going to be a repeat of the late 90's. He decided to "resurrect" C.R.O.M. - this machination as "Carl's Review Of Metal" and launch a new review blog to continue his journalistic venture to review the best new and old releases in the world of heavy metal and hard rock.

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Issue # 5 of the original C.R.O.M. printed fanzine.
Cover artwork from C.R.O.M.'s compilation CD, created by Bernhard Eichholz.