F.K.Ü. - 1981 (Review)

The 80's revival is still in full force and has spanned beyond merely copying the production styles of the era a la the "New Wave of Traditional Metal." It has spanned into movies, TV shows and everything associated with the look and feel of a time that was all the rage in my youth. Sweden's thrash demons F.K.Ü.- born in 1987 - takes the whole 80's revival to a brilliant level with "1981." The album plays tribute to some of the best slasher/horror movies of the 80's, when horror reached its apogee before CGI came around to sterilize the creep factor. Fortunately, the band kept the revival to the lyrical and packaging content and opted for modern production - making "1981" the perfect experience for your author.

"1981" takes you back to the glory days with such great classic slasher flicks like "Friday the 13th, Part II." "Halloween II," "Evil Dead" reigned supreme in the theaters and scared the crap out of kids like me. Absent glitzy CGI, it was the simple ways of shadows and shock that worked perfectly to create the perfect fear and creepy vibe. F.K.Ü. takes that lyrical backdrop and surrounds it with styles made famous by greats like Exodus, D.R.I., Nuclear Assault mashed with the modern sounding Municipal Waste for an old school thrash/borderline crossover assault that is strewn with fetching riffs and pure unadulterated speed. Favorites include: "Halloween II," "Friday the 13th, Part II," "Night School" and "The Fun House."

Production is tight as hell, courtesy of the recording/production team of vocalist Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane), Daniel Bergstrand (who worked with Behemoth and In Flames) and William Blackmon (who worked with Scar Symmetry). The decision to keep "1981" free from the tinny and thin production values of its title and opt for a full, sharp and clear modern one was brilliant. The cover (complete with worn appearance) was the perfect touch.

"1981" may appear dated, but the album represents one of the best old school thrash albums you will find out in 2017. The 80's revival has not grown old with yours truly, especially a child of the 80's that adores a time capsule back to his youth, but absent the horrid production of the day. The content is killer (no pun intended) and the songs are both ferocious and catchy. I think we have a winner.

8/10 HAILS

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