Naioth Releases New Video "Sublimation"

Chilean progressive metal band Naioth have released the music video for “Sublimation," which is taken from the new album “Transhuman Communication,” which dropped last Friday, November 3rd. Grab it over at the band's Bandcamp page over here. The clip was filmed and directed by Mario Toro and Julian Oyanedel and co-produced by Naioth in Santiago de Chile. Frontman Ignacio Figueroa commented: "We are very happy to release this second album, we spent a lot of time recording it and producing it and now we are ready to show it. "This second single called "Sublimation" comes in a form of a prequel of our first track "Transhuman Communication", because the lyrics are talking about the struggles of a human being adapting into the economic system, constantly fighting to not to lose its spirituallity, integrity and dreams, and also how will never forget for the hope of a world change based on its political beliefs, religion or technology but at the end, some of this has been lost for the adaptation to the system. We hope you can enjoy our new album."

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