Metal United World Wide Seeks To Unify Metal With Metal Shows Around The World On May 5, 2018

Metal United World Wide (MUWW) is a project which brings together metal bands, fans, show organizers, media and other supporters for one big event. The idea is to have metal shows all over the world on the same date identified by the same banner. Everybody can be part and shows are individually organized. The aim is to create a world wide feeling of community as well as attract attention to the performing bands who are predominantly underground bands. A community project needs community support. The project does not charge participation fees but relies on the support of the metal community. Around 20 show organizers have already agreed to put on a show on May 5, 2018 so far and there are a number of others interested. Below this text and at the organization's website is the updated overview over here. Are you a band, show organizer, media representative or other metal institution? Do you already have a show or tour on that date? Do think this is a great project and you would like to get on board? Contact Everybody is welcome and can join. After all, this is Metal UNITED World Wide!!! The project is proud to announce that Wacken Open Air has agreed to pledge its support. Please visit the project's list of partners to find out who else is on board. The list will be growing rapidly and of course you can be part. For more information, head over to this location.

Whatever you do, mark your diaries and be part of something special on May 5th, 2018!

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