Poison Pill Issues Video Clip For New Song "Wake The Sinner"

Swedish metal act Poison Pill issued a video clip for the new song "Wake the Sinner." The song appears on the band's self-titled debut album, which just dropped today (November 7th) via Sliptrick Records.

"Poison Pill" was produced by Mankan Sedenberg (Bullet, Dynamite, Ambush, Spawn Of Possession, The Bones, Paulo Mendonca and many more).

On "Poison Pill," you’ll find riff heavy songs like "Call Of The Precious," where the chorus is both memorable and very raw, all leading to a frantic and unsettling bridge as an emotional climax. In "Pitch Black," there is a first hand demonstration of the incredible drum playing that’s featured throughout the album, courtesy of session drummer Snowy Shaw (ex-King Diamond/ex-Sabaton). After a hard hitting intro, the haunting verse creates a feeling of eeriness that evokes deep feelings with the listener. In the slower "Confession of A Liar," once again the intro riff grabs you instantly with it’s Iommi-flavored riff leading to a drum intensive verse which culminates in an anthemic chorus!

These are just a few examples taken from an album set-up and filled with intense listening experiences!

The first release from Poison Pill is the first in line of a trilogy that has already been mapped out, lurking in the creative minds of the unknown members behind the group. For all classic metal fans out there, looking for something to really delve into, don’t miss out on Poison Pill, it will be well worth your time.

The cure is here! The track listing is:

1. Introspection

2. Wake The Sinner

3. Pitch Black

4. Redeye

5. Confession Of A Liar

6. Jurisdictional Confusion

7. Deathblow

8. Poison Pill

9. Call Of The Precious

10. Terminal Point

11. Demons

12. Exit

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