Black Moth Releases "Moonbow" Video

"It is an ode and an offering to the moon herself, in the hope that she will shine her silver blessings on Mothic ventures to follow," says vocalist Harriet Hyde. "Ben Foley's directorial work with us has gone from 'Looner' to 'lunar.' His deft creative touch on 'Moonbow' drags the viewer with us through a psychedelic neon dreamscape - an intoxicating experience of lunar worship."

With "Anatomical Venus," Black Moth is seeking to forge its own path, both musically and conceptually. The album's name and central theme, arrived at when Hyde was introduced to the eighteenth century wax models of the female form employed by male surgeons to learn their craft, provides a strong platform for both the artwork and the lyrics, allowing the singer to take command and truly find her voice.

"The 'Anatomical Venus' spoke volumes to me," she reflects. "She embodies the male gaze, a history of men dissecting women in an attempt to understand her, reveal her magic, snuff out her unruly flame, while all the time needing her to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to their taste. These models are not simply practical medical models for education - they are fetish objects, women stripped back as far as you can go. But there is a look of defiance in their eyes as if to say, 'Keep looking if you like. I dare you. Peel back my skin and peep behind my ribcage, you won't find anything unless I choose to tell you.'"

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