Crom Releases New Lyric Video "Sheilds Of Gold"

German viking/power metal act Crom has released a new lyric video for the song "Shields Of Gold" (check it out above). The song is taken from the upcoming new album "When Northmen Die," which will be released December 1st via Pure Steel Records. Pre-orders will be available through Pure Steel's webshop on November 17th.

With “When Northmen Die,” Walter "Crom" Grosse releases the third album of his former side project of Dark Fortress. The album continues a tradition paved by Bathory on the legendary "Hammerheart" and "Twilight Of The Gods“ era releases. Calm, silent melodies go hand in hand with majestic guitar riffs, sweeping harmonies, clean, powerful vocals as well as an enthralling epicness. "When Northmen Die" is able to continue the heritage of the late Quorthon and that the gates of Valhalla open immediately. The limited first press will include one bonus track, the vinyl press (later released) two different ones.

The track listing is:

1.Behold the Lights

2.All Alone

3.Shields of Gold

4.Dear Father


6.I'm with You

7.Gods of Glory

8.One Step to the Lake Below

9.Sentenced to Death


11.When Northmen Die

12.Farewell Song

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