Epysode Posts Update On Third Album

Belgian progressive metal act Epysode, the brainchild of guitarist/composer Samuel Arkan, issued an update on the band's long awaited third album. In the update, Arkan reveals that long time contributor Henning Basse (Firewind/Mayan) will be providing vocals for the album.

The update posted on the band's Facebook page reads:

"Hi friends... It tooks me nights writing and a long time working on the music with Julien Spreutels, giving his best one more time. We had thousands of ideas and we can say that Epysode 3 will be a full fresh album, it is the fruit of days and month through my long recovery, experiencing the depth of human soul...this makes the album a deep one, dark as hell but also with waves of light. It makes this future CD, compar[ed] to the previous albums, probably the most emotional one.

"That kind of album needs voices that will give you the right emotions, feelings and vibrations... as the gentleman here on the picture [below] with a nice t-shirt. Henning Basse looks ready to get the songs and starting the job. This vocalist is just a bunch of emotion, sincerity and always sing his heart out... we worked together on 'Fantasmagoria' and it was sure at 10000% we would work together again."

Further updates on the album are expected soon.

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