Klaymore Issues 5th Anniversary Edition Of It's Alive Album, Issue Video Clip

Klaymore have released a 5th anniversary edition of the sophomore album "It's Alive." Originally released in 2012, the album features three tracks from the original album re-recorded with the band's 2017 lineup along with an acoustic rendition of one of the songs and new album artwork. The CD was independently released and is available for streaming/purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Youtube, etc. The CD is also currently available for free digital download on the Klaymore Bandcamp page. A music video was also released for the song "Matriarch" and can be found in the player above. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Klaymore is an independent metal band infused with elements from the power, speed, and thrash subgenres. A mixture of memorable melodies, concise songwriting, technical prowess, a hint of humor, and riffs for days has culminated to form their “New Breed” of heavy metal. The group is fronted by self-proclaimed “Queen Bitch of the Universe,” Lee Prisby, who throws everything in his four-octave vocal range at the listener, along with banshee shrieks and death growls. Klaymore’s lyrical themes cover a wide territory and range from their favorite Metroid game, mythology, normalized toxicity, existential dread, and the fact that “Life’s a Bitch (But So Are You).” So, sit back, relax, and let your senses succumb to the soothing, metallic clanging that is Klaymore.

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