Black Wizard Announces New Album - Livin' Oblivion

Canadian heavy metal/stoner rock collective Black Wizard will release the brand new full-length "Livin' Oblivion" this February via France's Listenable Records. The band's second release on Listenable and fourth album overall was produced and engineered by Michael Kraushaar in Vancouver, BC, and comes sheathed in the cover art of renowned Berlin, Germany-based illustrator Eliran Kantor (Testament, Crowbar, Satan).

"Livin' Oblivion" centers itself on the obliteration or slow decay of one's self, morals, and life as we know it. "We are living in an age where the powers of the World are taking steps backwards and moving away from a positive future," the band elaborates. "There is a large number of disenfranchised youth and young adults that would rather live their lives in oblivion -- drinking, drugs, partying etc. -- than chasing any kind of future or dreams, simply because the rest of the world seems to be falling apart around them."

Further info on Black Wizard's "Livin' Oblivion," including final release date, teaser tracks, and pre-orders, to be released in the coming weeks. Stand by.

The album's track listing and album artwork can be found here:

1. Two Of These Nights

2. Feast Or Famine

3. James Wolfe

4. Livin Oblivion

5. Cascadia

6. Portraits

7. Poisoned Again

8. Heavy Love

9. Eternal Illusion

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