Agera Announces Debut EP - Prime

Italian progressive metal act Agera will issue the debut EP "Prime" in January 2018.

Formed in 2017, Agera provides a mix of heavy riffs, fast and complex drums in perfect harmony within the progressive metal genre, all glazed with a powerful and sweet female voice.

Agera means “to take action” in Swedish, also short for the ancient Greek word Ageratos, or "Ageless." The debut "Prime" is a conceptual story about the future and the Earth’s destruction perpetuated by the human race. Faith and the “Cult of Fire” created hate and the people of science were relegated in shadows, working daily for the a new hope, but the discovery of a new planet could save the few goods that remain on Earth and the few that follow of the one real

The story of "Prime" evolves around four songs, but the band plans to release a fully narrated version with the debut full length, which is currently being written with a target completion later in 2018. The cover artwork for “Prime” is an actual photo of Abell 1689, one of the biggest and most massive galaxy clusters known. It acts as a gravitational lens, distorting the images of galaxies that lie behind it. The cover been approved by NASA.

The track listing for "Prime" is:

1. The Voyage

2. The Bleak Side Of Venus

3. Collapsing Earth

4. Mars

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