Art Of Deception To Release New Album

Norwegian melodic death metal act Art of Deception signed on with Alpha Omega Management and announced the new album "Path of Trees" for the first quarter of 2018.

Art of Deception is a melodic death metal band with thrash and progressive influences. The band formed as a group of youngsters in 2012 and has been playing live and making music ever since. The live show can be described as energetic and full of crazy ass windmilling. In 2016, the band released the debut full length album "Shattered Delusions." Stated the band: "We are really excited to be joining the Alpha Omega roster. We look forward to travel to new countries and play in front of new people. With our new album on the way this is the final piece to make releasing an album worth it! Lets tour!"

More information about "Path of Trees" is expected soon.

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