Dark Hound Streams New Song - The Ashes Of Your Worth

Nashville? Yes. Country music? Not even close. Pure, powerful, and undeniably metallic, Dark Hound has upped the ante with forthcoming album "Dawning," which will be released January 19, 2018. The new single "The Ashes of Your Worth" is now streaming in the player above.

Following in the sizable footsteps of the 2014 self-titled debut and 2015 EP "Oceans," Tennessee's resident heavy metal torchbearers have pulled out all the stops with "Dawning." Eschewing genre-blending pablum and trend-hopping futility, the new album finds Dark Hound proudly displaying influences from the likes of Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Testament without falling victim to uninspired mimicry. Rather, "Dawning" lands repeated punches to the cranium and leaves memorable marks with its compelling compositions in a way that is familiar, yet refreshing and even unique. Put simply, this is well-written, muscular U.S. Metal in all its fiery glory!

The track listing for "Dawning" is:

1. The Ashes of Your Worth 2. Guilt Tripper 3. Carnival of Youth 4. The Answer 5. Crisis of Hope 6. Thrown to the Wolves 7. Stripped Away 8. Balancing Act 9. The Jagged Edge 10. Thrashgasm 11. Here Lies Truth

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