Rapture To Release New Album - Paroxysm Of Hatred

Greek death thrash act Rapture signed on with Memento Mori to release the sophomore full length "Paroxysm of Hatred." The album drops on January 22, 2018. Today, the band released the first full song stream with the track "Misanthropic Outburst," which you can check out in the player above.

Invoking the spirit of bands like Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, early Death, Sadus, Slayer, Merciless, Protector, Rigor Mortis, Massacra, Sespultura, Destruction, Num Skull, early Pestilence and Sodom, the band whips up a storm of feelings in even the most hardened veterans. Unrelenting, ferocious and technically competent, Rapture gives you the most exciting album in the style taking the best elements of what made thrash metal special and blending in death metal influences to make a devastating and potent form of death/thrash metal.

The track list and album artwork can be found here:

1. Thriving on Atrocity 2. Vanishing Innocence 3. Redemption Through Isolation 4. Paroxysm of Hatred: Procreation 5. Misanthropic Outburst 6. Taken by Apathy 7. Quintessence of Lunacy 8. Paroxysm of Hatred: Revelation

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