Triverse Massacre Signs With Sliptrick Records, New Album Announced

U.K. death metal act Triverse Massacre signed with Sliptrick Records for the new album "Hades," which is expected for release in early 2018.

Triverse Massacre is a crushing, groove heavy, death metal machine erupting onto the grim biscuit odored streets in the Northern English city of Carlisle. In 2012, the debut EP "In The Jaws Of Deceipt" was released to a great response in the underground metal community drawing comparisons with At The Gates and Lamb Of God. The follow up EP "With Bared Teeth And Truths" (2014) contained 4 slabs of pit starting, abrasive metal. The EP saw the band experimenting with the original influences while honing the songwriting to a sharpened edge.

The new release is entitled "Hades" and sees the band, yet again, evolving the sound into something more uniquely vicious, stepping up the intensity and technical levels to truly create a unique voice.

More information on "Hades" is expected soon.

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