Victorius Announces New EP - Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus

Jurassic power metal! I bet you haven't heard about this before...But don't fret, Victorius is here to show you what this is about - on the upcoming EP entitled "Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus," which will be released on January 26, 2018 via Massacre Records! On the EP, you'll find all of Victorius' trademarks - a catchy and varied songwriting, the unique voice of front man David Baßin and a plethora of up-tempo power metal smashers! The guitars deliver melodies galore, and the drums and bass hit the pedal to the metal from the very first until the last minute. "Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus" was produced and mixed by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call) at KR Music Studio, and mastered by Ronny Milianowicz at StudioSeven (Scanner, Eternal Fear, Lancer etc.). The artwork has been created by Stan-W Decker, who already worked for bands like Kissin' Dynamite, Masterplan or Serious Black! Check it out below.

Further EP details will be revealed soon.

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