Exalter Streams New Song - Clandestine Drone Warfare

Exalter from Bangladesh has concocted some superb thrash metal with passion and now premieres the new song "Clandestine Drone Warfare" over at Toilet ov Hell, or just in the player above.

Arguably Bangladesh's best known thrash metal band, Exalter has surfaced late this year to give us a brand new full length packed with their trademark style of old school thrash. Carrying on in the style that it cemented on the infamous "Obituary for the Living" release, now completely sold out, the band has worked on structuring some more top notch thrash and gives an equally enjoyable and even more memorable album with "Persecution Automated." With its infallible foundation in Teutonic thrash and flashes of early Canadian thrash, Exalter is poised to become one of the strongest contenders for Asia's burgeoning thrash metal scene.

The album drops on December 28th via Transcending Obscurity Records. It features the following track listing:

1. Intro 2. Holocaust Ahead 3. Reign of the Mafia State 4. World Under Curfew 5. The Dreaded End 6. Slaughter Cleanse Repeat 7. Incarceration 8. Grip of Fear 9. Pathology of Domination 10. Clandestine Drone Warfare

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