Corrosive Releases Video Clip For New Song - Leftovers

The new album from German death metal act Corrosive is just around the corner! "Lucifer Gave The Faith" will be released on December 8th and will feature 10 tracks with a running time of 45 minutes. You can find the complete track list below. As a foretaste, the guys have released the first single "Leftovers," which is available above. This comes as a very special "Bathroom" video, which the band spontaneously recorded on September 9th this year at the wedding of drummer Sascha C. It is just too terrific to be unseen!

The track list for "Lucifer Gave The Faith" is:

1. Intro 2. Taste The Pain 3. At The Devil's door 4. My Need To kill 5. Crown Of Bones 6. Leftovers 7. Zombie Apocalypse 8. My Eternal Hatred 9. Dead Hate Living 10. Lucifer Gave The Faith

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