CROM Announces Date For First Annual CROM Awards, Posts First Current Playlist

As 2017 winds down, we will celebrate another amazing year in heavy metal releases. With so much to sort out, here at CROM we will be releasing the first Annual CROM Awards for such coveted trophies as: Album of the Year (for overall and for various general subgenres as well), Song of the Year, Live Performance of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and much more.

Be sure to return to CROM on Saturday, December 23, 2017 for the publishing of the first Annual CROM Awards!

We also wanted to keep you posted on what CROM has been spinning over the last month, based on just plays alone. These albums may or may not appear in the Annual CROM Awards, but this list is merely the current playlist as of December 1, 2017 with the hope that if you see something you like - you will go an check it out!

F.K.U. - 1981 (reviewed here)

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs (reviewed here)

Magnum - Lost on the Road to Eternity

Tarja - From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)

Cardiant - Mirrors

Atrocity - Masters of Darkness EP (reviewed here)

Worry Blast - .44

Leaves Eyes - Sign of the Dragonhead

Mystic Prophecy - Monuments Uncovered (reviewed here)

Jono - Life (reviewed here)

Sorcerer - Crowning of the Fire King (reviewed here)

Serenity - Lionheart

Judas Priest - Turbo 30

Candlemass - Nightfall (30th Anniversary Edition)

Sleeping Romance - Alba

Black Sabbath - The End (Live)

CyHra - Letters to Myself (reviewed here)

Gothminister - The Other Side

Elvenking - Secrets of the Magick Grimoire (reviewed here)

Dendera - Part One: Blood Red Sky (reviewed here)

Alestorm - No Grave But the Sea

Marillion - Clutching at Straws

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