National Lagarde Releases New Video Clip - Don't Let Them In

New Orleans' hard rock/dark pop act National Lagarde released a new video clip for the song "Don't Let Them In," which you can check out above. The song is taken from the latest album "Story of a Southern Gentleman," issued earlier this year via Sliptrick Records.

The band commented: "'Don’t Let Them In' is about people in organizations, whether it be religion, politics or whatever, that will come to your door and try to convert you to become a believer in what they believe in. No matter how much you tell them you’re not interested, they just suck the energy from your soul with their annoying non-stop blabbing about there so called beliefs and why you need to join them. Almost like they’re pulling you into a cult Don’t Let Them In!"

The video was filmed at the band's rehearsal facility in mid-city New Orleans, which some say is haunted (there are sometimes very strange noises late at night when most people are gone!). It used to be a swanky hotel called the Fountain Bleau Motor Hotel in the old days and used to have a lot of famous clientele.

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