Agrimonia To Release New Album 'Awaken'

Agrimonia returns with the fourth album release, and second for Southern Lord, "Awaken," now set for release through Southern Lord on January 26, 2018. The label has issued the artwork, track listing, and a trailer for the record (check it out above).

"Awaken" arrives ten years since the release of the first album, and Agrimonia has evolved notably over that period. The sound has always been dense, immersive, ambitious even, and on "Awaken," the band has evolved its prog-infused form of expansive metal into something energetic, dynamic, and powerful. On "Awaken," the band digs deep into its subconscious, trying to get an elevated state of mind, to connect the mind with sound and to find the combination of notes and melodies that evolves into a feeling or mood. Agrimonia channels the bittersweet aspects of life, and breathe air into thoughts that cannot easily be put into words.

About Awaken the band comments, "We are thrilled to see the release of our fourth album 'Awaken.' We are very proud of the outcome and feel that the album is our most dynamic and vital yet, and contains more of everything that is Agrimonia. 'Awaken' is the soundtrack to our existence, and I hope other people can feel that way too."

"Awaken" was produced by Agrimonia and mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd who also worked on the previous recording "Rites of Separation," then under the Studio Fredman banner but now under his own name, Henrik Udd Recording Studios.

The track listing is:

1. A World Unseen

2. Astray

3. Foreshadowed

4. Awaken

5. Withering

6. The Sparrow

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