Chronic Xorn Announces New Album 'For These Sins Who Must Die'

Indian death metal band Chronic Xorn has worked hard over the years to build a tremendous following in the band's home nation and has now announced the impending third release entitled "For These Sins Who Must Die." The album is out independently on December 18th.

The release is an adrenaline rush of crushing riffs and mammoth breakdowns. The passion is palpable and as a D.I.Y effort, it's right up there with the rest. Moreover, the album is dedicated to a close deceased friend Abhishek Bhattacharya, who penned the lyrics for all the songs on it.

Vocalist Saptadip Chakrabarty commented: "History reveals that in every religion, community and caste, there has always been a major race of common people, those who suffer and rot under the reign of a corrupted helm. Unwillingly their blood spills as the ever deceitful leader smiles away to glory. This album speaks about all those commoners, who are helplessly handcuffed by societal pressure. Their voices choke under the smoke of fraudulence."

1. Doctrine of Hate (Intro) 2. For These Sins Who Must Die 3. Necropolis III 4. Justice By The Act Of Violence 5. Vox Populi 6. The Last Stand

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