CROM Reveals Digital Trophy, Award Categories For First Annual CROM Awards

On December 23, 2017, CROM will post the winners of the First Annual CROM Awards, the annual recap of the years' best.

Today, CROM founder Carl Frederick revealed the "digital trophy" (shown above) and categories to be awarded:

Top 150 Albums of the Year (Overall)

Top 15 Albums of the Year (Various Subgenres): traditional/classic metal, power metal, progressive metal, doom metal, death metal and hard rock

Top 30 Songs of the Year (Overall)

Top 15 Newcomers of the Year (Overall) ("newcomers" are defined as releasing a debut full length album within the calendar year - debut EP releases are not considered)

Top 10 DVD/Blu-Ray Releases of the Year (Overall)

Top 15 Live Performances of the Year

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