Susperia Releases Preview Clip For New Album 'The Lyricist'

Norwegian melodic thrash act Susperia issued a preview clip for the upcoming new album "The Lyricist." The album is set to drop via Agonia Records on March 16, 2018. "The Lyricist" is the band's first full length album of new material since 2009 and first featuring vocalist Bernt Fjellestad (Guardians of Time).

The origins of Susperia can be traced back to 1998 when Tjodalv, then occupying the drum seat with Dimmu Borgir, and long-time friend Cyrus (ex-Satyricon, Old Man's Child) got together to share ideas and write songs. Clearly rooted and seasoned in the Norwegian black metal scene, Susperia elevated its sound into more melodic areas of extreme metal, embracing and exploring a variety of musical avenues with ease. On "The Lyricist", Susperia has gone back to its black origin in many ways, one of which is a more grimmer expression. The characteristic melodic twist the band is known for is still present, and an additional layer of variety has been added thanks to vocalist Fjellestad (whose stage debut with the band was made at last year's 70000 Tons Of Metal Festival). From Susperia's pragmatic point of view, the new album is a "good old-fashioned kick in the head, both old and new fans should find enjoyable". The track listing for "The Lyricist" is:

1. I Entered 2. Heretic 3. The Lyricist 4. My Darkest Moment 5. Day I Died 6. Void 7. Feed The Fire 8. Whore Of Man 9. Come Alive

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