Iron Savior Streams Re-Recorded 'Battering Ram'

Today (December 8th) marks the release date for "Reforged - Riding On Fire" via AFM Records from German power metal act Iron Savior. The album features classic hymns fully re-recorded.

Check out the latest track stream - "Battering Ram" in the player above. The track listing for the release is:

1. Riding on Fire

2. Battering Ram

3. Brave New World

4. Prisoner of the Void

5. Titans of our Time

6. Eye to Eye

7. For the World

8. Mindfeeder

9. Watcher in the Sky

10. Mind over Matter

CD 2:

1. Warrior

2. Iron Savior

3. Tales of the Bold

4. No Heroes

5. Break the Curse

6. Condition Red

7. Protector

8. I've Been to Hell

9. Atlantis Falling

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