Killing Gandhi Releases Details Of New Album 'Aspirations Of Failure'

Danish melodic death metal outfit Killing Gandhi will release it's sophomore album "Aspirations Of Failure" on February 23, 2018 via Massacre Records! The band once again teamed up with the leading Danish rock and metal producer Jacob Hansen, who mixed and mastered the upcoming album. Al.Ex of Mayhem Project Design has designed the cover artwork. The songs on the record are even more powerful than the band's debut, and the broad vocal spectrum of lead singer Thorbjørn Jensen is showcased perfectly. With this new album, the band is ready to take a step up, win new fans and make an even bigger statement on the international metal scene.

The track listing and album artwork can be found here:

1. Opus #6 2. Let Me Tell You 3. Dark Hours 4. Hollow Paintings 5. The Great Escape 6. Opus #2 7. Art Of Silence 8. My True Being 9. The Painter And The Sleeper 10. Farewell 11. Opus #1 12. Building My Own Fate

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