Demonstealer Unveils Artwork For New Album 'The Last Reptilian Warrior'

Death metal supergroup Demonstealer has revealed the full 2 panel artwork for the upcoming new release "The Last Reptilian Warrior." It was created by Reuben Bhattacharya aka Visual Amnesia (Slipknot, Twelve Foot Ninja, Demonic Resurrection, etc.) and can be viewed below.

The artist had this to say about it: "The Last Reptilian Warrior was quite the journey. I really enjoyed the process of painting this entity and creating this character based on the Reptilian idea with Sahil. The art itself evolved over a period of time until it became the embodiment of the last reptilian, a Monk like Warrior walking the volcanic lands alone carrying his machine and staff, watching the world around him come apart. I really wanted his expression to convey that feeling of wicked dystopia."

The final tracklisting for the album is as follows - 1. The Grand Collapse Of Humanity featuring Kevin Paradis (Benighted) 2. Sculpting The Archetype featuring Krimh (Septicflesh), Stefano (Aborted) & Rami (Nervecell) 3. The Perspective Of Evil featuring Romain Goulon (Necrophagist) & Arran McSporran (Virvum) 4. The Human Pestilence featuring David Diepold (Cognizance) & Stefano (Hideous Divinity) 5. No Victory In War featuring Kevin Paradis (Benighted) & Shoi Sen (De Profundis) 6. The Weak Shall Perish featuring David Dielpold (Cognizance), Arran McSporran (De Profundis) & Mendel (Aborted) 7. The Last Reptilian Warrior

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