Malformity Announces 'The Rapturous Unraveling' 7-inch Single

Atlanta death metal act Malformity has joined forces with Boris Records for the January release of "The Rapturous Unraveling." The 7" vinyl delivers a lethal dose of violent OSDM that digs deep into the roots of extreme metal.

Those who witnessed the band's recent return from a decades-long slumber (ushered in by the "Lectures on the Apocalypse" EP) can attest to the fact that Malformity is as real and relentless as they come.

Boris Records will unleash "The Rapturous Unraveling" on January 13, 2018. Prepare yourself for two unrelenting and punishing tracks of pure old-school death metal that will swallow your soul.

Originally founded in 1991 during the peak of the original wave of death metal, Malformity plays death metal reflecting the classic Swedish and Florida sounds of that era. This is not the cavernous variety the term denotes today, but actual old-school death metal. Further shaped by influences in grind, thrash, and doom, Malformity creates a uniquely brutal and cerebral sound in the Atlanta metal scene. Malformity released two crushing demos in 1995 before dissolving indefinitely. The original members and newer recruits remained active in bands such as Regurgitate, General Surgery, Amoebic Dysentery, Dwarfophile, Disillusioned, and Neuroblast, among others. In 2014, Malformity resurfaced from the ashes of Atlanta death metal band with "Lectures On The Apocalypse" and released an EP in 2015.

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