Chasing Ghosts To Release New Album, New Single Available For Streaming

Born out of a passion to create dark and heavy rock music, U.K. gothic metal act Chasing Ghosts was formed by Lee Brueton. Influenced by bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, Moonspell and driven by a desire to give the U.K. rock scene some much needed fresh blood. In contrast to most bands within this genre, Chasing Ghosts has carved its own unique sound, with clean vocals and emotive lyrics that are there to be heard and not hidden, compliment and not dominate. The songs evoke emotions of fear, sadness, loss and regret, entwined within each doom laden guitar riff.

Now signed to Mighty Music - Denmark's largest premier rock/metal label - the band will release the new album "These Hollow Gods" on February 9, 2018 - with a release gig the very same day at Copenhagen's doom/goth festival Nocturnefest. Check out the lyric video for the title track in the player above. "These Hollow Gods" was written for all those that live with loss, regret and new beginnings every day. It is reflected in every aspect of our lives, through ego, obsession and self preservation. Every element of the album, from mix, production, photography to artwork, has been created by the band, without compromise. These songs are the result of years of blood, sweat, tears and broken strings. The band commented: "The title track is about our role models, idols and those that we ultimately view as gods in family, religion, music and celebrity. Those that we worship and devote our lives to, but then reveal themselves to be nothing more than false hope, disappointment and betrayal. The consequences of putting so much faith in to one person or idealism and how it can blind our judgement of what's wrong and right. This song is about realising the cost and coping with that moment of clarity. Everyone has a 'hollow god'."

The track list for the album and album artwork can be found here:

  1. Everything Changes

  2. This Fear

  3. From Depravity

  4. These Hollow Gods

  5. Dark Skies

  6. Fearless

  7. Fallen From Grace

  8. One Last Try

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