Violent Opposition Streams New Album In Full

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has released the new album from California's Violent Opposition entitled "Utopia/Dystopia" today as a digital album for only $1.00! The full album is streaming via the HPGD Bandcamp in the player below.

"Utopia/Dystopia" is a vicious mix of grind, death Metal, hardcore, punk, rock and Jazz minced into a pungent gruel. Tons and tons of riffs, Violent Opposition has created music that takes you on a psychological journey and rewires the brain! For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Atrocity, Avulsion, Noisear, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Pig Destroyer, Psudoku and Suffocation.

The track listing and full album stream can be found here:

1. Controlled Opposition

2. You're Your Own Straw Man

3. People Become What You Make Them

4. Lies Pollute The Mind

5. False Scarcity

6. The Knowledge Of Everything Is A State Of Being

7. Arrogance Is Insecurity

8. Possessions Foster Distrust

9. It's All The Same Team

10. Deacons For Defense

11. The True Heros Have Been Forgotten

12. Watch The End

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