Sonic Prophecy Streams New Song 'Unholy Blood'

American power metal act Sonic Prophecy is just about ready to drop third full length album "Savage Gods" via Rockshots Records on January 19, 2018. Today, the band issued the new single "Unholy Blood," which you can check out in the player above.

"Unholy Blood" lyrically covers many topics, from quests and medieval wars, to mechanized genocide, to the dangers associated with extremist ideologies. Broadening and stretching their musical palate, "Savage Gods" will give fans an adventurous listening experience. It's an album that combines melodic hard rock, driving heavy metal, and chest pounding anthems in a way that is uniquely Sonic Prophecy.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Savage Gods 2. Night Terror (see video clip here) 3. Unholy Blood 4. Dreaming Of The Storm 5. Man The Guns 6. Walk Through The Fire 7. A Prayer Before Battle 8. Iron Clad Heart 9. Man and Machine 10. Chasing The Horizon

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