Chronosfear Signs With Underground Symphony Records For Debut Album

Underground Symphony is proud to announce the signing of Chronosfear for the self-titled debut album release. Chronosfear was founded as Wings of Destiny in 2003, in Brescia (Italy), by the drummer Michele Olmi. The band initially played some covers from the highest-acclaimed bands in the worldwide power metal scene (Gamma Ray, Rhapsody, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica etc.).

After numerous line-up changes, Michele decided to play original material, so he re-founded the band as Chronosfear. The first demo was released in 2013, but Michele insisted on playing live gigs, so the other members left the project/

In 2016, the band found a stable lineup, with Michele Olmi (drums, solo-project Just A Dreamare and ex-Spellblast), Davide Baldelli (keyboards, also in Just A Dreamare), Xavier Rota (bass, also in Spellblast and Just A Dreamare) Filippo Tezza (vocals, also in Empathica and solo projects Tezza F. and Silence Oath), and Edoardo Lamacchia (guitar, Eddie Thespot), who joined the band in November 2016. The first official Chonosfear record is simply entitled “Chronosfear." The record doesn’t necessarily have a central lyrical concept, but most of the songs reference the theme of time. The album will feature eleven powerful and heavy songs of power-progressive metal with symphonic influences…a record that every power metal fan will enjoy.

The release date to be announced very soon. For now, check out the track listing and artwork here:

1. Clockworks 2. The Gates of Chronos 3. Symphonies of the Dreams Untold 4. The Last Dying Ember 5. Of Dust and Flowers 6. Faces 7. Innocent and Lost 8. The Ascent 9. Time of Your Life 10. Revelations 11. Homeland

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