CROM Listens: Current Playlist As Of 2018-01-09

Here is what CROM is currently listening to as we start the new year. Tons of albums coming in each week, so this is going to expand greatly over the next few weeks!

Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs (Century Media Records) (reviewed here)

Leaves' Eyes - Sign of the Dragonhead (AFM Records)

Random Eyes - Grieve No More (Rock 'N' Growl Records)

Magnum - Lost on the Road to Eternity (Steamhammer/SPV Records)

Xandria - Theater of Dimensions (Napalm Records)

Voodoo Circle - Raised on Rock (AFM Records) (reviewed here)

Aerodyne - Breaking Free (DSease Music)

Rebellion - A Tragedy In Steel Part II: Shakespeare's King Lear (Massacre Records)

Rhapsody of Fire - Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret (Steamhammer/SPV Records)

Bloodbound - War of Dragons (AFM Records)

Judas Priest - Turbo 30 (Sony Music)

Worry Blast - .44 (Mighty Music)

King Witch - Under the Mountain (Listenable Records)

Venom - 100 Miles to Hell EP (Spinefarm Records)

Wolfchant - Bloodwinter (Independent)

Trial - Motherless (Metal Blade Records)

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