David Reece Signs With Mighty Music

Ex-Accept/ex-Bonfire vocalist David Reece signed a multiple album record deal with Mighty Music. First up is the new album from Sainted Sinners "Back With Vengeance," which is set to drop on February 16th.

“I was searching for a record company that would see my vision as a solo artist so I reached out to Mike Tramp and he suggested I speak with Michael H. Andersen at Mighty Music. Michael teamed me up with the Danish producer and song writing team Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Andersen, both from the band Meridian. The collaboration we’re working on is exactly where I want to go musically - and Michael H. Andersen and Mighty Music have given me a home to release my new record and given me 100% support and belief in this new record! The album will be recorded at Death Island Studio in Denmark with Marco Angioni as producer, and is expected to be released in late 2018. Touring for the album will follow,” commented David Reece.

Mighty Music's Michael H. Andersen added: “I know David Reece is so much more, but the 'Eat The Heat' record is one of those albums from the late 80s I still play a lot. Listening to that album on my walkman made life a lot easier being a teenager in suburbia, Denmark in the late 80s. Having said that, it is amazing to witness how much on fire David still is today. His vocal skills are still in another league and this man definitely has the energy to make a great new album. Proud to be welcoming you to my home, David!”

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