Sainted Sinners Releases 'Burnin' The Candle' Video

Just one year after the highly praised, self-titled debut album, Sainted Sinners returns with the second effort "Back With A Vengeance." The album is set to drop on February 16th via El Puerto Records.

Today, the band issued the album's first single with the video clip for "Burnin' The Candle," which you can check out in the player above.

Frank Pané commented: "That's our first single and a more straight forward rocker. You can hear Eddie, Randy & Michael Schenker influences all over this tune concerning guitars. The chorus is very catchy and that was definitely one reason we chose it as the single.“

"Back With A Vengeance" is another step forward, of a band that is going to establish its very own sound. Fronted by the unique, soul-driven voice of American born vocalist David Reece (ex-Accept) and highly gifted guitar player Frank Pané (Bonfire), Sainted Sinners was completed by the dynamic rhythm section of the two former Purpendicular members Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro Berci Hirleman.

“We were aiming for a more guitar heavy approach this time and also a warmer, more ballsy sound”, explains Frank Pané and continues: “This time we already knew where to go. You definitely can hear my huge Van Halen & Randy Rhoads influences more than on the previous one. But it also has that Deep Purple touch, even with less keyboards this time. In songs, such as 'Rise Like Phoenix' and 'Nothin Left To Lose', you definitely hear a Rainbow & Dio influence....and it goes on and one. These influences are totally natural and are not planned. So we just go with the flow and that's "the essence of Rock 'n Roll" for us.”

"Life’s a bitch for most of us and it gives me plenty to write about“, says David Reece, who likes lyrics with substance. "I’ve co-written once again with Jon Wilde for about five tracks. He’s got a great interpretation of my visions.“ As an example, the vocalist mentions the epic opening track 'Rise Like A Phoenix': This is my life’s story. It is about who I am. You might kick me down, but I’ll always stand up and dust myself off.“. Once again, the singer shows all his skills and makes »Back With A Vengeance« a true rock monument. The connection between him and guitarist Frank Pané is kind of magic. „We seem to have a certain kind of telepathy songwriting wise. That’s an awesome thing to have together and I feel once again we’ve delivered a great album.“

"I'm really happy and satisfied with the end result“, summarizes Frank Pané. "Being a new band, it's hard to be recognized nowadays with all the hundreds of releases every month, so we wanted to make a statement that Sainted Sinners is a band you should look out for.“

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