Nocturnefest Announces Complete Lineup; October Tide, Abyssic To Headline

A new doom festival – Nocturnefest – was announced some months ago, and the line-up for this years festival is now ready! Nocturnefest will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 9-10, 2018 at the venue “Halmtorvet 9” in central Copenhagen. Sweden's October Tide is one of the headliners. The band was formed by Katatonia vocalist Jonas Renkse in 1993 as a side project with (then future) Katatonia guitarist Fredrik Norrmann. The first two albums “Rain Without End” and “Grey Dawn” is classics now in the doom/death genre. The band was not active between 1999-2009, until Norrman resurrected October Tide with new members after leaving Katatonia. “A Thin Shell” was released in 2010, and brother Mattias Norrman (also ex-Katatonia) also joined later, and October Tide have released two great albums since then -and keeping the spirit of very early Katatonia and atmospheric and depressive doom/death metal alive. The other headliner is Abyssic from Norway – consisting of members and ex-members from well known acts such as Susperia, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia, Old Man’s Child, Gromth and Asagraum. The debut album “A Winter’s Tale” was released on Osmose Productions in 1996 – and is a sublime journey into epic and symphonic doom/death metal with the shortest track lasting 12 minutes, while the longest ends at more than 28 minutes! Abyssic is also known for their very atmospheric live performances. Something to look forward to.

Nocturnefest also presents U.K. gothic doom act Chasing Ghosts, which releases the new album "These Hollow Gods" during the same weekend as Nocturnefest, Egonaut (Swedish occult doom/heavy metal - with ex-Lake Of Tears vocalist Fredrik Jordanius) and a good selection of Danish doom bands – A Sun Traverse (DK - atmospheric doom/death - with members and ex-members from Saturnus and Thorium), Woebegone Obscured (DK - funeral doom with several acclaimed releases out), Altar of Oblivion (DK - epic doom metal, two albums and two EP's out on Shadow Kingdom Records) and Caustic (DK - legendary danish doom/death act, formed in 1991). Main organizer Peter Mesnickow is also known for his work for label Mighty Music and Target Group, as well as legendary goth club The Black Cat and as vocalist of Blazing Eternity and Black Wreath. Mesnickow explains: "I am excited to pull of the very first edition of Nocturnefest - I have been thinking about doing a festival like this for quite some time - a doom metal festival with a twist, but with mostly atmospheric doom/death, funeral doom, doom/goth, epic doom and the likes. A lot of other festivals are focusing on stoner and sludge doom, so I insisted on a more defined profile for Nocturnefest with focus on the more atmospheric doom, as the legendary doom/death sounds from the early 90's such as early Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia etc. totally revolutionized my taste in metal in these years - and which I still love, now more than 25 years later. But let's see where it takes us the next years.. .we will be open to all doom-related genres. This is just the beginning...". Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at this location.

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