Savage Machine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Vinyl Release Of 'Abandon Earth'

Danish old school heavy metal band Savage Machine has launched a pre-order crowdfunding campaign for the vinyl edition of the forthcoming debut album "Abandon Earth," which will be released as a CD/digtal download on January 19th. Pre-order it over at this location. The band commented: "With the release of our new album 'Abandon Earth' on January 19th, we’re beyond excited to get your feedback on our efforts this past year, and we can’t wait for it to hit the all the shelves, stages and streaming services out there. We want to spread the word about Savage Machine, and let headbangers around the world know that true heavy metal lives on forever! Sadly, this time around, it does not live forever on Vinyl. Yet! This is where you, our fellow enthusiasts, can help us a great deal and we’ll return the gesture thousandfold! By pre-ordering 'Abandon Earth' on Vinyl we can guarantee that this becomes a reality, and we’ll sing your praises as well as sign all copies to show you our immense gratitude. We know that several of you out there would prefer to give the album its first spin on the best possible quality, and with the time we have spent on this album, of course, you should be able to! Sadly, we’ve had to prioritize, and Vinyl was simply a cost we’ve had to cut from the initial release plan."

The LP version will be gatefold cover with 8 page booklet on 180g black vinyl. The track listing is:

1. Exodus 2. Age Of Machines 3. The Hunter 4. Time Traveler 5. Behind the Veil 6. Fourth Dimension 7. Fall Of Icarus 8. Event Horizon 9. Savior 10. Welcome To Hell

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