Ilsa Announces New Album 'Corpse Fortress'; New Single Streaming

Horror-obsessed, D.C. underground cult act Ilsa weaves together tales of depravity and devil worship on the Relapse Records debut "Corpse Fortress." The album drops on March 2nd as a CD, LP, deluxe LP and digital download. Check out the new single "Hikikomori" in the player above.

The album was Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind, Integrity) in Baltimore, Maryland at Developing Nations. "Corpse Fortress" delivers nine tracks forged in filth with dense layers of emotionally draining sludge, murky, primordial doom, and feedback-laden, crusty death metal. The album is easily the rawest, most abhorrent, and nasty album in ILSA's decade-long career and the perfect soundtrack for the initiated miscreants of this rapidly dying orb.

The track listing and album artwork for "Corpse Fortress" can be found here:

1. Hikikomori

2. Nasty, Brutish

3. Cosmos Antinomos

4. Prosector

5. Old Maid

6. Long Lost Friend

7. Ruckenfigur

8. Polly Vaughn

9. Drums Of Dark Gods

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