Apparition Releases Lyric Video For New Single 'Break The Chains'

U.K. gothic metal act Apparition released a preview clip for the upcoming new release "The Awakening." The album will is issued by Wormholedeath Records on the following release schedule:

Release Dates:

Digital: 02/02/2018

U.S.: 02/02/2018

CD: 02/02/2018

Japan: 03/28/2018

The track listing and artwork for "The Awakening" can be found here:

1. The Awakening (Intro)

2. Hold Back the Night

3. The Dames of Darkness

4. The Other Side

5. Resonance

6. The Night an Angel Died

7. Eternity

8. Home

9. Break the Chains

10. Our Story Lives On

11. Twilight

12. As Shadows Play

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