Kenos Returns With New Album 'Pest'

Eight years have passed since Italian progressive death metal act Kenos released the last full length album "X-Torsion" and six years have passed since the last EP "Nightrain To Samara." The band has now returned with the new devastating release titled "Pest," which will be released on April 13th via My Kingdom Music. "Pest" is a concentrate of violent and technical death metal, a real blow in the face, for sure the most furious, fast and aggressive piece of music the band has conceived. Bassist Marcello Fachin commented: "Our new album 'Pest' is what we would have always dreamed to realize, that is an album with a great production but without any kind of additional bouble... simply great death metal music as it was supposed to be... so violent, heavy and technical. The result is absolutely impressive!"

Stay tuned for more information about the album.

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