Eliminator Details Long Awaited Debut Album 'Last Horizon'

The long awaited debut album "Last Horizon" from Eliminator hits the shelves on March 23rd via Dissonance Productions and it’s been worth the wait.

Eight tracks of pure British heavy metal, the album was recorded at Skyhammer with Chris Fielding at the helm, to top it off it features stunning cover art (shown below) from Simon PYE Parr of 2000AD and Realm Of The Damned fame! The art beautifully fits the album’s science fiction themed title track.

Born out of a desire to play live, Eliminator began when guitarists Jack and Matt met and Lancaster University and started jamming together. Motivated entirely towards the aim of live performances, the first incarnation of the band played its first gig in 2008. After a couple of years of gigging, a stable lineup of strong musicians eventually came together. With Jamie on bass, Dave on drums and Tak fronting the band, Eliminator garnered enough live experience and written enough original material to begin recording. Entering into a hastily constructed DIY studio in late 2010, the band recorded the first EP release "We Rule the Night EP. The EP was released on CD and vinyl during 2011 and proved to be popular with heavy metal fans, earning Eliminator gigs and festival slots across the UK.

Spurred on by the success of the EP, the band began working on new material and once again entered the studio in late 2011; although this time with a luxury of an experienced engineer and professional equipment. The result was two tracks which were released via "The Seer" 7" single in 2012, which was received well by those who heard it, but suffered from a lack of promotion by the label. In summer 2012, after a successful performance at Muskelrock, frontman Tak left the band and Eliminator were in limbo without a singer until 2013 when a friend of the band, and former Skyclad guitarist, Dave Pugh stepped up to fulfill vocal duties. With Dave on board, Eliminator played a number of gigs and festivals throughout Europe and released a demo in 2015, titled (confusingly, in hindsight) "2019."

However, due to commitments with a reunited Skyclad, Dave stepped down from Eliminator in 2015 and the band was once again left without a vocalist. A period of inactivity followed while the search for a suitable frontman went underway. In late 2016, the band received a tip that Danny, a long-time friend and supporter of Eliminator was an excellent heavy metal singer looking for a band. After auditioning, Danny impressed the band with his ability and he was asked to join Eliminator. With Danny at the helm, live performances were resumed and after a gig in London during March of 2017, Eliminator caught the attention of Dissonance Productions.

The track list and artwork for "Last Horizon" can be found here:

1. 2019

2. Last Horizon

3. Echoes

4. Procession Of Witches

5. Edge of a Dream

6. Fall of the Seer

7. Pride and Ruin

8. Spoils of an Empire

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