Little Caesar Signs With Golden Robot Records For New Album 'Eight'

U.S. rock n roll survivors, Little Caesar, have signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records for the release of the new album "Eight" on March 16th. Pre-orders will commence on February 5th.

Little Caesar fuses no-nonsense hard rock that harks back to 70’s giants such as Bad Company and Humble Pie with an aching ZZ Top groove and overlay it with classic R&B melodies to produce some mighty fine straight up good time rock and roll!

"Eight" is the band’s first studio album in six years and lead single "Time Enough For That" is a reflective, semi power ballad that is a total lighters (or phones) in the air AOR smash! With his raspy, soulful vocals, main-man Ron Young, leaves his heart on his heavily tattooed sleeve while the emotive, crying guitar solos build the song into an instantly familiar yet classic track. FM radio slickness with bar band grit, Little Caesar in 2018 is exactly what’s missing in contemporary rock music.

“Little Caesar is excited about joining the ever-growing Golden Robot Records family. We are IN great company WITH a great company. Being based in Australia, which has given birth to some of the greatest Rock N Roll bands, makes us excited to be part of their Worldwide expansion. We see great things in 2018 for us and everyone that we share our music with at our new home,” stated Ron Young, Little Caesar.

“With Golden Robot Records currently expanding its artist roster to include bands based in the USA, Canada and Europe, when I met Ron Young in LA last year, and having been a fan of Little Caesar for many years, I knew that they would fit perfectly into the growing GRR family. Little Caesar being one of our first global international signings is exciting for myself and the label,” added Mark Alexander-Erber, President & Founder, Golden Robot Global Entertainment.

Bursting onto the LA scene in 1987, big things seemed inevitable for a band who had the winning combination of being managed by Jimmy Iovine, A&R’d by John Kalodner and produced by the one and only Bob Rock.

The band's unique blend of soulful, yet ballsy hard rock was a perfect reflection of the musical climate that spawned it. Little Caesar first appeared on the 1989 Metal Blade Street Survivors compilation which lead to them signing with DGC Records under Geffen. However, within weeks of the release of the self-titled 1990 debut, the label was sold. In the mix-up, all the band's records were lost in transit to the new distributors and the bean counters anvil came down on a band which was just getting going. Such is the rough and tumble music business.

Never to let a thing like a label shuffle get in its way, Little Caesar hit the road off the success of the cover of Aretha Franklin’s "Chain of Fools" and toured with bands as varied as Jane’s Addiction, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, Social Distortion and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band also headlined tours across America and scored heavy rotation on MTV.

In 1992, the band released the second album "Influence" and toured Europe for the first time. The tour drew rave reviews and they sold out the famous Marquee Club in London.

That same year, Ron Young appeared in Terminator 2 as a tough talking biker that gets into a fight (and inevitably is thrown out of a window) by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just as the band got going again, like so many hard rock bands, it was stopped in its tracks by the grunge wave and ultimately disbanded for over a decade, re-emerging in 2001 for a string of high profile shows at the House of Blues, the California Speedway for NASCAR, and the Rock The Bayou Festival in Houston TX.

The band went quiet again, until 2009 when the fourth album "Redemption" was issued and the band returned to Europe and the UK. In 2012, Little Caesar released "American Dream" and performed at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales that December.

In 2017, the band returned to the UK and Europe, toured the US, and entered the studio with Bruce Witkin to produce their Golden Robot Records debut.

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