Golgothan Remains Announces Debut Full Length, New Single Available For Streaming

Australian death metal act Golgothan Remains just announced the impending release of the first full length album, entitled "Perverse Offerings To The Void," which will be released independently on February 8th. The first single from the album, "Timeless Eradicator," can be found in the player below along with the link to pre-order the release.

The track listing, album artwork and song stream can be accessed here;

1. Vehemence (Through Pain Divine)

2. From Chaos It Has Come

3. Vile Blasphemy

4. Bone From Dust

5. Phantom Earth

6. Void

7. Timeless Eradicator 03:11

8. Looped Depraved Spell

9. Golgothan Remains

10. Flagellation (Torrid Tongues)

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