Black Rose Signs With Sliptrick Records

Swedish hard rock act Black Rose signed on with Sliptrick Records for the new album "A Light In the Dark." The album will be issued later in the year, with details following soon.

Black Rose was originally formed in 1990 in Fagersta, Sweden. The debut album "Fortune Favours The Brave" was released in 1993 and this was followed by lots of gigs in Sweden and the release of a couple of mini-cds and demos during the following years. A spurt of recording in the early 2000’s, culminated with the release of 2 albums in short succession. 2002 saw the release of the self-titled album and a follow up CD, entitled "Explode," was released in 2004. After another period of time, Black Rose released the last album, "Turn On The Night," in 2013. The Black Rose style of music has always stayed strong and constant, even though different music-trends have come and gone since the band began.

Throughout its existence, the band has continually gigged around Sweden and Europe playing support to bands such as Fate, The Poodles, Pain Of Salvation, Nocturnal Rites and Soul Sign (Yngwie-members). In August 2015, a new member joined the band, the powerhouse vocalist Jakob ”Jacke” Sandberg and this finalized the current Black Rose line-up. The group is currently putting the finishes touches on "A Light In The Dark."

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