St. Elmo's Fire Details New Album 'Evil Never Sleeps'

U.S. melodic metal act St. Elmo's Fire returns with the first new release in 26 years. "Evil Never Sleeps" will be issued on March 30th via Pure Steel Records. The pre-order phase will begin in Pure Steel's webshop on March 16th.

Two and a half years ago, the complete back catalog of the California cult band had been re-released through Karthago Records, which included re-releases of all albums between 1986's self-titled debut and 1992's "Desperate Years."

Powerful, yet melodic heavy metal is still the band's forte. The vocals of new singer Kevin Brady fit perfectly into the sound that fans of the early days will surely love. The band is ready to tale the hearts of all metal fans by storm again. The track listing and cover artwork are as follows:

1. We Will Not Die 2. Rise 3. Betrayer 4. Lord Of Thunder 5. I Begin 6. Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday 7. Soultaker 8. Across The Nations 9. Asleep In The Never 10. Hammer 11. Unslaved 12. Wasted 13. Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday (alt Version, Bonus Track) 14. Betrayer (alt Version, Bonus Track) 15. Wasted (alt Version, Bonus Track)

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