Trick Or Treat Releases New Single 'Batman' Featuring Labyrinth's Roberto Tiranti

Italian power metal act Trick Or Treat - featuring Luca Turilli's Rhapsody frontman Alessandro Conti - issued a new single for the song "Batman," which features a guest appearance by Labyrinth vocalist Roberto Tiranti.

"Batman" is part of the band's new album "Re-Animated," which is set for release on February 11th. The band successfully funded the release via a crowdfunding campaign. Pre-order the release at this location.

"Re-Animated" is an album dedicated to various cartoon/video game hymns and features a myriad of guest appearances, including, but not limited to: Michele Luppi (Secret Sphere), Mark Basile (DGM), Chiara Tricarico (Teodasia/ex-Temperance), Marco Pastorino (Temperance), Sara Squadrani (Ancient Bards), Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires) and more.

The album was mixed and mastered at Domination Studios by Simone Mularoni (DGM). The track listing and artwork (created by vocalist and tattoo artist Alessandro Conti) can be found here:

1. Voltron

2. Batman

3. Cinque Samurai

4. What's My Destiny Dragonball

5. Jeeg Robot D'Acciaio

6. Jem

7. Oltre I Cieli Dell'Avventura - Pokémon

8. David Gnomo

9. Prince Valiant

10. Il Mistero Della Pietra Azzurra

11. Daitarn 3

12. Beyblade Metal Masters

13. Devilman

14. Robin Hood

15. Ken Il Guerriero

16. Diabolik

17. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

18. Let It Go

19. Pegasus Fantasy

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