Gygax Releases New Single 'The Lacivious Underdark'

Southern California fantasy metal act Gygax - the lineup comprised of former and current members of Gypsyhawk, Skeletonwitch, Sorcerer, Huntress, Warbringer, Mantic Ritual, Pentagram, and more - released the new single "The Lascivious Underdark." The song can be heard in the player above.

The first single is taken from the highly anticipated sophomore LP release "Second Edition," which is due out March 16th via Creator-Destructor Records. The album will be unleashed while the band is storming the West Coast on tour in support of its release.

Of "The Lascivious Underdark," guitarist/vocalist Eric Harris offers, "The song takes place in the dangerous wilds of the Underdark, from the perspective of a Mind Flayer. It calls to its female prey through the lustful thoughts within its predatory mind, luring her with promises of a better life. All the while, dominance and subjugation are its end objective."

The track listing for the album is:

1. Dice Throwers & Rock n' Rollers

2. It Makes It Worth It

3. The Lascivious Underdark

4. Pure Hearts

5. Song Of The Silverhands

6. Wish

7. Heavy Meddle

8. Second Wind

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