Black Book Lodge To Release New Album 'Steeple And Spire'

"Steeple And Spire" is the title of the third album from Black Book Lodge. The album will be released via Mighty Music black vinyl, CD and digital download May 18th. Pre-orders can be made at this location.

The album's first single "Spoil The Child" will be released on March 2nd.

"Steeple And Spire" was produced, recorded and mixed by Ronny Jønsson and Jakob Gundel. The Vocal mix and mastering was performed by Jacob Hansen.

Black Book Lodge is a quartet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are not easily labeled in regards to a specific genre, as they work within a lot of different styles and somehow manage to merge these different inputs into a powerful, melodic, organic, and original whole. One way to define them though, would be as being inherently nordic, as their music does invoke an imagery of vast, barren landscapes and white towering mountains. In regards to the general direction on the new album, Ronny (guitars and vocals) elaborates: "I felt it was time to gather rather than alienate the listener this time around. As much as I love dark, angsty rock, lately I've simply been more inspired by the hope and light life has to offer. You might say the snow on the mountains and landscapes of our two former releases have melted on this one. The sun is out and beaming down, and it feels great, doesn't it?" The band will perform at an exclusive release show in Copenhagen on May 18th at Halmtorvet 9. In support will be Swedish prog label mates We Could Build An Empire. Buy tickets over here. The album's artwork and track listing is as follows:

1. Weightless Now PT. I 2. Weightless Now PT. II 3. The Tower Bell 4. Steeple And Spire 5. Spoil The Child 6. In Halves 7. Walls 8. Teething 9. Sum Of Every I

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