Green Druid Streams New Song 'Pale Blood Sky'

Colorado psychedelic stoner doom act Green Druid is streaming the new song "Pale Blood Sky." The song is the title track of the debut full-length "Ashen Blood," which drops via Earache Records on March 16th. Pre-orders for the album can be accessed by clicking 'pre-order' on the player above.

Brooding, atmospheric, and isolationist with weighty riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos, Green Druid's music entrances listeners with tales of the Old Blood and of dismal worlds too soon forgotten. Hailing from the land of Denver - the first US city to legalize marijuana - Green Druid worships at the feet of the monolithic amplifier, and performs holy communion with the tremorous onslaught of murky tones that emanate from its maw.

The track list and album artwork can be found here:

1. Pale Blood Sky

2. Agoraphobia

3. Dead Tree (song available here)

4. Cursed Blood

5. Rebirth

6. Ritual Sacrifice

Green Druid will play a handful of area performances including a record release show on March 23rd and an appearance at Electric Funeral Fest III with additional shows to be announced soon. See all confirmed dates below:

2/09/2018 Bar Bar - Denver, CO w/ The Hazytones, GreenMountain, Pennysick 2/22/2018 Bar Bar - Denver, CO w/ Ghosts of Glaciers, Kenaima, Vexing

3/23/2018 Hi-Dive - Denver, CO w/ Cult of the Lost Cause, Chieftain, Matriarch

6/29/2018 Electric Funeral Fest - Denver, CO w/ Speedwolf (reunion show), Spirit Adrift, Aseethe, R.I.P., more

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