Heavatar Issues Preview Clip For 'Opus II - The Annihilation'

Heavatar, the classical inspired metal band revolving around Van Canto mastermind Stefan Schmidt (vocals, guitar), drummer Jörg Michael (former Stratovarius), Sebastian Scharf (lead guitars), Daniel Wicke (bass)… and some of the greatest classical composers of all time, released a preview clip of the upcoming sophomore album “Opus II – The Annihilation.” The album drops on February 16th, 2018 via earMUSIC.

If “Opus I – All My Kingdoms” was a stepping stone into the unexpected waters of classic inspired power metal, “Opus II – The Annihilation” is a cliff-dive into the same water that bravely challenges the very barriers and possibilities of it.

The track list can be found here:

1. None Shall Sleep (see video clip here)

2. Into Doom

3. Purpose of a Virgin Mind (see video clip here)

4. Hijacked by Unicorns

5. The Annihilation

6. Wake Up Now

7. A Broken Taboo

8. An Awakening

9. A Battle Against All Hope

10. A Look Inside

11. Metal Daze

12. The Look Inside (orchestral)

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